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Dental emergencies are a common occurrence that affect countless dental patients, and that can come in many forms. When it comes to dental emergencies, being prepared is the best way to ensure a positive treatment outcome, and acting fast is the best way to minimize the affect of the emergency on your overall oral health. These emergencies can include a chipped or cracked tooth, severe toothache, or excessive pain. 

Our team at Infinity Dental Highpoint Flats have been treating dental emergencies for years, and are equipped with the advanced treatment protocols needed to treat emergencies effectively and efficiently. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, contact our team as soon as possible – acting fast is key to treating dental emergencies!

Do you need to see a dentist immediately following a dental emergency?

Given that dental emergencies, such as chipped or cracked teeth, can involve infections and tooth breakage, it’s best to always see your dentist as soon as possible after a dental emergency occurs. This is the best way to ensure a positive treatment outcome from the emergency. If excessive bleeding is occurring, visit your local emergency room immediately.

Trust Infinity Dental of Highpoint Flats for full emergency dentistry services such as:

  • Expert Diagnosis of Emergencies – Our team is able to quickly diagnoses and respond to dental emergencies.
  • Quick Pain Relief– We treat dental emergencies directly to relieve pain and discomfort
  • A Veteran Team – Our team has seen it all, and is ready to respond to all dental emergencies. 
  • Our expert team is prepared to respond to your dental emergency!

Setting your emergency dentistry appointment:

As stated above, the faster you can have a dental emergency treated, the better. If you’ve chipped or cracked a tooth, are experiencing severe tooth pain, or are experiencing swollen gums, contact our veteran emergency dentistry team by calling us today. 

What happens at an emergency dentistry appointment?

  1. Our first priority is to alleviate any pain or discomfort your dental emergency is causing you, and to stop any bleeding that is occurring. 
  2. Next, our team will assess the state of your teeth and gums, and may take x-rays when necessary. This will help us accurately and quickly diagnose the dental emergency you’re experiencing. 
  3. Finally, we implement the best treatment solution for your dental emergency and correct the issue. In may cases of tooth pain, this is solved with a root canal procedure. Other emergencies like chipped and cracked teeth can be fixed through bonding. 

Contact our team today if you’re experiencing emergency dental symptoms, such as severe tooth pain, bleeding or swollen gums, or a chipped or cracked tooth. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long should I wait to see the dentist after a dental emergency?

As stated above, acting fast is the best way to ensure a positive outcome from a dental emergency, If you’re experiencing emergency symptoms, see your dentist as soon as you can. 

2. What should I do about a broken tooth?

Chipped and cracked teeth can potentially lead to infections finding their way into your teeth. Chipped and cracked teeth are often corrected through bonding. If you’ve chipped or cracked a tooth, see our team as soon as you can. 

3. I’ve experienced a dental emergency while visiting from out of town – can I see you for emergency dentistry?

Our office is able to treat emergency dentistry patients whether or not they’re located locally. Even if you’re from out of town, you can visit our emergency dentistry team in Highpoint Flats. 

4. What should I do between now and my emergency dentistry appointment?

In between when your dental emergency occurs and when you’re able to make it to the dentist, take precautionary measures to ensure the best possible outcome from your dental emergency – if a tooth has been chocked out, place the tooth in a glass or container filled with milk and make your way to the dentist. For any bleeding, press and warm, damp towel to the bleeding until it stops. If it does not, make your way to our office as soon as you can. 


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Signs that Emergency Care Is Needed:

Contact our team today if you’re experiencing any of the following:
  • Broken Teeth or Cracked Teeth
  • Broken Fillings
  • Chipped Teeth
  • Lost Crown
  • Infection
  • Substantial Toothache
  • Significant Sensitivity
  • Swollen or Sore Gums
  • Jaw Pain

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